Thailand tour packages from Mumbai

Thailand is a destination favored by everyone and our Thailand tour packages from Mumbai offers a mix of culture and entertainment to suit the mumbaites. Thailand has a rich culture of temples and it can be seen in their architecture as well. The Ancient temples remind you of the heritage the place originated from and you can see the enormous sculpture of the Buddha which is the main symbol in Thailand. Life in Thailand is a mix of the slow-moving floating boat where you can laze around and take a ride and buy good and try a variety of Thai cuisine. The beautiful boats are lined up colorfully along the river and you see a lot of influence of the village when you enter the floating market. Thailand has the best wildlife and is famous for its Tiger Temple. The Tiger Zoo at Srirachi houses tigers and crocodiles and you can get an upclose feeling of the might beast the tiger if you dare to face it. The best collection of Gems come from Thailand, if you are a jewelry lover then you can purchase the best Gem Stones from their collection or own an exquisite jewellery piece for you.

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Glitz and Glamour galore

Thailand tour packages from Mumbai that suits your budget and complements your taste

Moving from the cultural heritage of the place our Thailand tour package from Mumbai offers you the night life and the glamour side of Thailand. They say the night is young and never gets over when in Thailand, walk down any street and its lively as every with the bands playing and the food and dance. The streets are lit up all year roundup close and it looks like Thailand celebrates life everyday. If you want to head out from the night life to the adventurous side of the place then visit Mumbai test. The lively beaches offer you adventure sports slow-jewelry you can visit the Coral island and do underwater snorkelling. From the beach to the mountain where you can zip fly from the trees without any fear and feel the wind in your face.