Switzerland tour package from Mumbai - Experience the diverse culture

Switzerland is home to the French, German and Swiss cultures. Take a wonderful journey with Switzerland tour package from Mumbai. A trip to Swiss is about the scenery of the high snow peaks, the blue lakes with its glittering waters, the valleys stretched far beyond which you eyes can see and the array of activities it has to offer. Nature lovers all over the world come here for skiing, paragliding, hiking and biking. For art enthusiasts the amazing galleries with a display of many artistic work, historic buildings with its amazing architecture and museums to know the culture and history of the place. Indulge in the Swiss culture and take a journey back in time.

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Old world charm

Switzerland holiday package from Mumbai that suits your budget and complements your taste

The cuckoo clock reminds you of the era gone back in time, it’s the most famous timepiece of Switzerland and the Geneva town offers you this beautiful masterpiece in various shapes and sizes. The city of Geneva and Zurich are the most popular cities of Switzerland and has a cosmopolitan culture and houses many government offices. People from all walks of life come here for work and business.  Merged with the busy life is the sleepy towns of Bern and Lucerne here you will see the beautiful architecture of the place and small cafes and shops which sell beautiful souvenir. Pick up the beautiful Swarovski crystals while you do your shopping for some exquisite tasty Swiss chocolates. You can drive to a vineyard where the owners offer you a taste of the wines from the locally grown grapes in their backyards. Take a sip of this fermented drink with one the wide variety of cheese that Swiss has to offer. So hurry, book your Switzerland tour package from Mumbai and take this beautiful trip on your next vacation.