Sri Lanka tour packages from Chennai

Sri Lanka is an island country with timeless ruins, the world heritage site UNESCO, a culture that dates back to 2000 years. Sri Lanka is home to the elephants who guard this ancient heritage. If you love nature and animals then the elephant orphanage is the place to be. Visit the rainforest peaks and endless national parks to get your dose of greenery. Visit the tea gardens and sip over a cup of tea after a sumptuous spicy meal. Our Sri Lanka tour packages from Chennai offer you much more than exotic fruits and sweets. With its endless white beaches come experience the water sports on the blue waves and a stark contrast of the green palms along the coast. Sri Lanka tour packages from Chennai start from Mumbai. So, get onto a flight and start you exciting tour of this cultural heritage island.

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A Look back in time

Sri Lanka holiday package from Chennai that suits your budget and complements your taste

Sri Lanka tour packages from Chennai offer you a choice of music, dance, leisure, entertainment and wildlife. The Hindu and Buddhist temples offer music and dance in the form of prayer. World famous artists from around the world perform in this country of culture. Music is the best form of entertainment for a weary traveler who seeks the soothing sounds entangled with nature. The mention of this place in the scriptures, its trade links with the far east who wandered the sea to find this beautiful island amidst the blue skies. With the influx of western travelers who came in for the trade they brought a  major change in the culture with lavish entertainment and new age modern society. The beautiful influence of the modern world can be seen in its nightlife and dining experiences. Our Sri Lanka tour packages from Chennai ensure you a lifetime of fun and a memorable experience.