This state adorns the southwestern coastlines of India. The famous IT hub of India, Bangalore, a city also well known for its shopping centres and nightlife, is the capital of Karnataka. 

Karnataka takes pride in its rich cultural heritage and traditions. A trip to Karnataka can satiate your wanderlust for sure as you can never get enough of this place. You get everything in Karnataka – from lofty magnificent mountains to serene beautiful beaches… it is full of surprises and definitely one of the favorite places that attract travel lovers from all around the world. Various Karnataka tour packages can help you decide where to plan your next vacation. When in Karnataka make a checklist as the places are many and you might even lose count. Visit the lovely temples and palaces of Mysore that demonstrate the rich cultural and historical tradition of Karnataka. Karnataka cultural tours are never complete without a visit to Mysore. 

Furthermore, Karnataka holds special mention for the UNESCO world heritage sites like Hampi, Belur, and Halebidu, Badami, Pattadakal, and Aihole which form an integral part of Karnataka heritage tours.

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Trip to Hampi - Tour

Trip to Hampi

  • 3 Nights 4 Days
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