Explore Exotic country of culture with Japan tour packages from India

Japan is a country of the mix of old and new and will give you and your family an experience of a lifetime. The journey through Japan will take you through Japans customs and culture, sleepy villages and its natural beauty.  Japan tour packages from India will ensure you have an adventure accompanied by delectable food and scenic places. Japan is called the Land of the Rising Sun and also one of the most exotic destinations to visit. The most iconic sight of Japan is Mount Fuji. It is also a registered UNESCO world heritage site. Just seeing this majestic peak stands in its glory and draw mountain climbers from all over the world. Kyoto is a unique landmark of status and shrines, it is famous for its large wooden temples. Our Japan tour packages from India start from Mumbai so join is for a lifetime experience.

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Japan holiday packages from India that suits your budget and complements your taste

Japan tour packages from India brings to you the most busiest city of Japan, Tokyo.  It is called the alien city as the place has the best electronics, games and most of the entire modern outlook to life with streets lined with restaurants, shopping and people. Visit the Tokyo Tower to view the city from the observation desk. Tokyo has more than 200 Michelin-starred restaurants and it will take a life time to visit all the museum and galleries it has to offer. You will be in a cultural shock seeing all the sign boards in this place and the people who look from a different walk of life to their food which comes in varied shape and sizes. While you are in this city don’t miss the national sports in Japan, Sumo wrestling a must watch on your to do things.