Dubai packages from Mumbai - Come to the oasis of the east

Mumbai is surrounded by towering buildings and a cosmopolitan city for people from various walks of life. For the people yearning a luxurious scene away from home,  Dubai offers the best destination to lure the Mumbaikars to experience sheer indulgence. With top-class resorts, majestic structures, spectacular sites like Burj Khalifa, the Jumeirah and the desert safari, Dubai has it all. Shopping and sightseeing will give the people of Mumbai the experience of the high-end life of Dubai.

You can enjoy savoring world-class cuisine, shopping to your heart's content in the luxury malls and go skiing indoors. Outdoor activities include going on camel rides in the desert, riding the desert scooter and enjoying some belly dancing. Evenings are excellent to take a cruise and enjoy a scrumptious dinner and listen to some good music. Spice souks and gold market are other attractions of Dubai which the Mumbaikars will fancy when they visit the place. Contact us for this Dubai packages from Mumbai.

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Dubai - Tour


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Thrills of Dubai

Choose the perfect Dubai tour package from Mumbai that suits your budget and complements your taste

Dubai is a place where everyone likes to eat, drink and dance. Many of the top attractions of Dubai revolve around aquatics and dinner on the cruise with boat parties. The river cruise on the Dubai Creek and the Marina are the best attractions of Dubai water cruises. The Dubai packages from Mumbai offer a host of these exciting thrills and much more.

Dubai malls offer not just shopping your favorite brands but a host of other activities like theatres, games for kids, and unparalleled entertainment. You could spend an entire day and pamper yourself to some spa time and a great cruise from around the world. Shop till you drop your top-class designers and relax in the ultimate luxury of perfumes and gold shopping.