Shopping in Dubai for Tourists

Shopping in Dubai for Tourists

Did someone say shopping? Yes, Dubai is renowned for its shopping experiences that any and almost all travellers indulge in when the cityher. It caters to all sorts of shopaholics, from those with seamlessly never-ending pockets to even the ones who are on a budget. Consider this hub to be your new-found Mecca, Vatican or even for that matter your Ganga! And did we mention that Dubai flaunts the term ?tax-free? ?with much pride, which in-turn only adds to the hordes of folk that choose to make this place a blimp on their travel maps. Let?s take a look at some of the places in Dubai where you can sheepishly splurge to your heart?s content:


Wafi Mall:


The Wafi Mall is exquisitely beautiful and has about 150 shops where you can buy anything from handicrafts to decor. It even has a traditional marketplace (the Souk Khan Murjan) that?s located in its basement.


The Dubai Mall:

With over 3.77 million sq. ft. of leasable floor space, it has over 1,200 shops, 120 restaurants & cafes, a luxury hotel, 22 cinema screens and high-end entertainment areas. It?s safe to say that if you?re not penny-wise, you could very well go from loaded to pauper in no time at all here!


Deira Gold Souk:

All that glitters here is gold, literally! It has over 300 retailers that offer 10 tons of the precious metal at any given time.


Mall of the Emirates:

The Mall of the Emirates is home to the world?s first shopping resort. That may sound a bit ridiculous, but until you?ve been here you won?t really comprehend how amazing this place is for shopaholics. It even plays host to Ski Dubai, which has an actual 85 meter manmade mountain in it and a snow park which stretches over 3,000 sq meters in area. Snow in the desert anyone?


The Global Village:

As the name suggests, The Global Village is home to goods or products and cuisines from across the world. And it even features a 5-month long entertainment festival that showcases various global cultural presentations.


Bur Dubai Souk:

It has a wide range of textile shops, souvenir stores and maze-like walkways that are filled with the finest of products for 0079ou to take back home to your loved ones.


Burjman Centre:

Apart from the Burjman Centre?s pavilion gardens and relaxed courtyards, it has rightfully earned the coveted tag for housing the greatest number of high-end stores which offer the very best in luxury brands there is!


Souk Medina Jumeirah:

If you?re looking to experience a traditional marketplace without the hustle and bustle of common marketplaces, then this is the place for you to head! You can take your pick of everything from souvenir items, Arab handicrafts, jewellery to local delicacies.



Irrespective of whether you choose to make the duration of your visit to Dubai a long or short one, you?re sure to satiate your inner shopaholic?s urges right here. And with Sunrich Travels, you can pick from a broad selection of customized packages at affordable prices; ensuring your ability to set aside a majority of your budget to luxuriate on all this wonderful place has in store for you and your loved ones.

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