Dubai For First Time Visitors

Dubai For First Time Visitors

Things you should do when in this place:

When traveling to a new overseas destination, it?s always important to make note of all the things that you can and cannot do when in that country. Take Dubai for example, an extravagant jewel of the middle east, it?s known for its lavish lifestyle, over-the-top attractions, but is also a place where adherence to strict rules & regulations is a must. Let?s take a look at all the things that are essential to know when traveling here to make the most of your vacation:


First And Foremost, Respect This Land And Its Customs:


Dubai is a place that?s steeped in tradition and Islam plays a huge part in the lives of the people here. So, respect it no matter your obscured opinion on the topic. Not respecting their customs will only attract unnecessary attention that can at times get you in more trouble than you bargained for.

Simple things like wear comfy clothes as it can get pretty hot a lot of the time. That being said, men shouldn?t strut around bare-chested away from areas like the beach or women should adorn a headscarf, especially when visiting religious sites.


Say No To Drugs:


When it comes to drugs of any kind, Dubai is pretty strict if ANYONE is caught with it in their possession. Even prescribed drugs that may contain any form of a banned substance will get you trouble. Take the time and do your research if you plan on carrying something as simple as a bottle of cough syrup.


To Kiss Or Not To Kiss, That Is The Question:


Our advice is to not. Dubai is a very reserved destination when it comes to PDA?s. If you?re used to making out in public in your home country or city, that?s great for you; but know that this won?t be tolerated in Dubai and get you a slap on the wrists in no time at all! Also homosexuality is still a crime here, so it would make sense not to try and push their buttons on the subject, in any way possible! Any!


Hold Your Tongue:


If you?re known to be a foul-mouth, then choose your words carefully when out in public. This could get you a bit more than a spoonful of castor oil!


The Village Drunk Comes Home To Dubai, We Think Not!


Being a Muslim-centric destination, one should refrain from getting drunk and disorderly in public places here. This is really frowned-upon, not because it offends the faith of the people here but in all honesty it?s just a silly thing to do, no matter where you may be!



These are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when visiting Dubai. It would behove you to stay out of trouble and it?s really not that hard to follow, come to think of it. Sunrich Travels lets you in on great deals that?ll give you the loudest bang-for-your-buck and help you to respectfully experience this land and all its wonders to the fullest!

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